Tomix 98815 JR Series E1 Joetsu Shinkansen (Max/New Painting) 6 Cars Set (N scale)


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The E1 Series Shinkansen is Japan's first all-car two-story Shinkansen train, nicknamed Max, which appeared in 1994.
From November 2003, it has been significantly changed from the conventional painting, wearing white and dark blue similar to E2 series, and a pink band in the image of Toki is arranged on the painting line.
It was active on the Joetsu Shinkansen for a long time even after the paint was changed, but it was discontinued in October 2012.

- Reproduce the appearance that was renewed after 2003
- Hook / U-shaped energizing coupler adopted
- Movable hood equipment
- Reproduce the seat parts in the car by color coding
- Max logo mark, green car mark, car number mark have been printed
- Reproduce the non-slip on the roof with gray printing
- Movable pantograph equipment
- Gaishi parts included
- The car number is selectable and a transfer sheet is included.
- A 12-car full train can be reproduced by combining this product (cars 1, 2, 3, 6, 11, and 12) with product number 98816.
- Headlights and taillights are equipped with a constantly lit board
- Power adopted with flywheel
- New current collection system, silver wheels adopted
- M-13 motor adopted
- Compatible with Interior Lighting Kit Tomix 0733

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Tomix 98815 JR Series E1 Joetsu Shinkansen (Max/New Painting) 6 Cars Set  (N scale)
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