Bandai Imaginary Skeleton 1/32 Tyrannosaurus Plastic Model

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This is a plastic model kit and assembly is required.

Made in Japan

Overall length is about 35 cm. A plastic model that incorporates the latest theories and scientific knowledge into a volume of 1/32 and allows you to experience the assembly of skeletal specimens in a simulated manner.
- Since the body is bent at the moment of jumping, the part where the abdominal bone (gastralium) is twisted in conjunction with the skin and is in close contact is expressed by modeling.
- Three bones are tightly strengthened, faithfully reproducing the special instep that supported the weight approaching 10 tons.
- Reproduce the traces of stress fractures caused by strong impact on the wishbone located at the base of the shoulder that supports both short but strong arms. -The marks of the holes where nerves passed through the lips are also reproduced with precision modeling unique to the plastic model.
- The tooth profile created by meshing with the lower jaw teeth is also reproduced in the upper jaw parts.
- The long tail, which is a weapon and keeps the balance of the center of gravity of the body, has small bones connected to the tip, and also expresses its delicate shape.
- Comes with a pedestal that reproduces the plants of the Cretaceous period. Fine details are applied to each leaf.
- Comes with a separate volume of a commentary booklet supervised by dinosaur expert Kyoichi Tomita.

Instruction manual x 1
Manual booklet x 1
Dedicated pedestal x 1

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