Plamokojo Brush Painting Set `All In One'


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Includes only 3 "disposable paint trays". 
**Plamokojo Disposable Paint Tray (24 pieces) sold separately.(Item #:PMKJ006)

[Brush holder]
For brush holders, paint-coated brushes and brushes that have been dried after washing can be stably placed.
Even if paint or solvent drips, it will collect in the pan and will not contaminate the work space.
Brush holder can be attached to either left or right, so you can use it without choosing your dominant hand.

An insertion hole is provided on the top surface of the main body to hold a brush, a stirring rod, a handle with parts attached, etc.
The size of the insertion hole is about 4 mm, which is just the right size for using bamboo skewers or runners as a handle.

[Cleaner bottle]
The cleaner bottle has a metal plate with many holes inside, the bottom of the bottle is dirty, and the brush can be washed with the clean supernatant of the solvent. If you use it later, it will increase the stability and reduce the possibility of falling.

【specification、Ebr /> Size: Body: Approx. 89 mm x 59 mm x 20 mm
Bottle: Diameter approximately 40 mm x 70 mm

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Plamokojo Brush Painting Set `All In One'
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