Plamokojo Work Station Ver.2.0 Basic Hobby Tool

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* Simple, compact and convenient workbench

- Perfect size for cutting and scraping work.

- It is useful not only for basic work, but also for work situations such as assembly.

- If you work on the workstation, there will be no dust around it, so cleanup is easy.

- Even if a small part is dropped during work, it will fall into the internal tray, reducing the risk of losing the part.


Perfect working part for various tasks:
- The working part of the main body is made of a thick and durable metal plate with countless holes.
- The hole diameter is set to a size that allows cutting chips to fall off and parts to be difficult to fall off.
- Large chips that cannot be dropped from the hole can be dropped from the notch on the front side of the main unit.
- In addition to scraps, it is also possible to remove small items such as used sandpaper.
- The plate alone has sufficient strength, but when performing work that requires more force, such as pushing through parts, you can increase the strength by attaching the included metal stay as necessary. is possible.
- The metal plate can be easily removed, and fine shavings accumulated in the corners can be easily cleaned.
Drawer-type tray convenient for trash disposal:
- The tray that serves as a tray for scraps, etc. can be pulled out and removed, so it can be easily thrown away when garbage has accumulated.
- The capacity of the tray is also sufficiently secured, reducing the number of garbage disposals and allowing you to concentrate on your work.
- Even if parts are dropped during work, they fall into the internal tray, reducing the risk of losing them.
- Since the capacity of the tray is sufficiently secured, you can reduce the frequency of throwing away garbage and concentrate on your work.
Removable, convenient and easy-to-read text stand:
- The lid can be used as a stand to prop up the instruction manual, increasing the workspace and increasing space efficiency.
- The stand is adjusted to the optimum angle for propping up the instruction manual, and even a booklet-type instruction manual can be inserted with the page open.
- In addition, when the angle is set to 90°, the lock is released, and if the lid is removed, it can be transformed into a dust collection table for cutting and cutting.
- It becomes easier to take tools placed in the back than the main body, and it becomes easier to arrange the work space.
Easy-to-use cutter mat:
- The dedicated cutter mat that comes with the product has two colors with different colors on both sides.
- Since both sides can be used, it is easy to use the green side for gluing and cutting parts, and the black side for cutting masking tape and decals.
- Of course, it can be removed and used separately.
- The compact size makes it convenient for small work on the table, such as cutting out masking tape and decals.
Right-handed and left-handed nipper holder:
- Comes with a stand for nippers that tend to get lost in other tools and parts while working.
- By using a stand, the possibility of accidentally hitting the cutting edge is reduced and it also protects the nipper blade.
- It also reduces the possibility of getting injured by putting your hand etc. on the cutting edge, and you can enjoy model making more safely.
- In addition, a nipper holder for the left hand that can be attached to the left side is also included, so you can install the nipper holder according to your dominant hand.
- You can choose the mounting position from front and back according to your work environment.
- Dust protection caps are attached to unused mounting holes.
Compact when the lid is closed! :
- When storing, the lid can be closed for compact storage.
- Since the top surface is flat, you can stack and store unfinished kits, tool boxes, sorting trays, etc.
- Size:  Approx. 297mm X x209mm X 30mm (when folded)
- Metal stay for inside the tray x 2
- Exclusive cutter mat
-  Nipper holder (right-handed / left-handed) x 1 each
- Protective cap for nipper holder x 4
- Body: ABS
- Working part plate: Steel
- Work part metal stay: Steel
- Cutter mat: PVC

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