Plamokojo Voltex Stirrer Turbo (Paint Mixer)

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"Vortex Stirrer Turbo" is a mixer exclusively for plastic model paint that can rotate the paint at high speed while still in the bottle, and stir up the pigment accumulated at the bottom with the power of the vortex.

- You can automatically mix the paint evenly by simply setting it in the clip-type holder and turning the knob.
- It is an epoch-making item that can be used for all kinds of plastic model paint bottles, surfacers, decal pastes and can sprays, and can be thoroughly stirred in a short time.
- Turn the knob to complete stirring! Just place the paint in the bottle holder, clip it on and you're ready to go.
- If you turn the knob on the front according to the size of the bottle, it will start rotating and stirring will begin.
- With a timer function, it will automatically stop after 2 minutes.
- A specially designed rotating stage and powerful motor stir the paint at high speed and smoothly.
- The power of the vortex allows the pigment and paint components to be mixed well to achieve the original color of the paint, allowing you to paint as you imagined.
- In particular, you can roll up and mix well pigments such as enamel paints and fluorescent paints that are strongly adhered to the bottom.
- A maximum of 5 (5 times) can be used continuously at one time. In addition, you can do other work with your hands free while stirring, which increases work efficiency.
*If you use it more than 6 times, wait for about 10 minutes before using it again.
- Compatible with a wide range of plastic model paints and decal glues
- The clip of the bottle holder has a special shape and firmly grips any commercially available plastic model paint.
- You can also set and stir square bottle paint, decal paste, and spray cans for plastic models, and you can stir faster and more powerfully than manually.
*You cannot use spray cans with a large diameter or length that are not for plastic models.
- The speed can be adjusted according to the paint.
- The speed can be adjusted in 3 stages according to the size of the bottle.
- By turning the knob to the right, the rotation speed gradually increases.
- Blue gauge (low rotation speed): large capacity spare bottle (40-50ml), surfacer (40-50ml), model can spray (100ml), etc.
- Yellow gauge (medium rotation speed): lacquer, water-based acrylic paint (10-30ml), etc.
- Red gauge (high rotation speed): enamel paint (10 ml or less), etc.
- Vortex stirrer body x 1
- AC adapter x 1
- USB Type-C cable x 1
- Size: Body: W85 x H105 x D85mm (excluding protrusions)
- USB Type-C cable (USB-TypeAtoC) Approx. 1.5m
Product Size: Approx. W85 x H105 x D85mm

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Plamokojo Voltex Stirrer Turbo (Paint Mixer)
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