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Bring the power and entertainment of an arcade to your living room with the Retro-Bit Generations III. Retro-Bit® has been at the forefront of the retro gaming world, introducing innovative and exciting platforms to re-experience a treasured vintage gaming era. Continuing with that tradition, Retro-Bit Generations is packed with titles from world-renowned pioneer video game developers.

The design of the Generations III eliminate obstacles such as game stops and delays due to heating, specially configured air holes without taking up space. By this improvement, you can enjoy the gameplay happy memories without feeling stressed. Also, two people can play simultaneously. There are also games included that two people can enjoy. Enabled save data in the system and it can also be saved with SD card. (SD card sold separately)

Up to 50 Titles Arcade games including 24 titles built in! Enjoy a powerful game without limit. * Built-in game titles may change without prior notice.

Full List of Retro-Bit Generations III Games:
1. Crude Buster (AC)
2. Midnight Resistance (AC)
3. Act fencer (AC)
4. Secret Agent (AC)
5. B - Wing (AC)
6. Heavy Barrel (AC)
7. Magical Drop (AC)
8. Fighter 's History (AC)
9. Super Burger time (AC)
10. dark seal ⅱ (AC)
11. JOE & MAC Joe & Mac (AC)
12. Joe & Mac Joe & Mac Returns (AC)
13. Night Slashers (AC)
14. Dragon Ninja (AC)
15. Death Blade (AC)
16. Burger time (household 8bit)
17. Buggy popper (home 8 bit)
18. Large monster Debrass (home 8 bit)
19. Dark road (home 8 bit)
20. Dragon ninja (home 8 bit)
21. fighter history (home 16 bit)
22. fighters history mizuguchi crisis (home 16 bit)
23. magical drop For 16 bit)
24. Magical Drop II (16bit for home use)
25. Super Birdie Rush (16bit for home use)
26. Side pocket (for home use 8bit)
27. Side pocket (for home use 16bit)
28. Dodge (16bit for home)
29. Hot blood-burned Kuniokun AC)
30. Double Dragon (AC)
31. Double Dragon Ⅱ (AC)
32. Double Dragon Ⅲ (AC)
33. Thermal Blood High School Dodgeball Club (AC)
34. Combat Live (AC)
35. Exciting Hour (AC)
36. Northern Shaolin Flying Dragon's Fist )
37. Chinese Hero (AC)
38. Fist of the Flying Dragon (Famous 8bit)
39. Fist of the Flying Dragon II Wings of the Dragon (8bit for the Home)
40. Fist of the Flying Dragon Special Fighting Wars (8bit for home)
41. Super Chinese (Household 8bit)
42. Super Chinese Chinese 2 (8bit for household)
43. Super Chinese 3 (home use 8bit)
44. Ultraman Ultra BasebowLumpur (household 8bit)
45. Super Ultra Baseball 2 (household 16bit)
46. Super Ninja Boy (household 16bit)
47. Super Ninja Boy 2 (household 16bit)
48. Super Chinese Fighter (household 16bit)
49. Flying dragon fighter S Golden Fighter (16bit for home use)
50. SD flying dragon fist (16bit for home use)

Box contents
  • Retro-bit Generations III main body x 1
  • Controller x 1
  • AC adapter × 1

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