Calbee Potato Chips Kataage Potato Black Pepper 65G

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These Kataage Potato Chips are a cult favorite across the world — not just in Japan! These addictively crunchy chips are seasoned with salt and Japanese black pepper giving them a slightly spicy, savory taste. By being cooked kettle-style, they are sliced thick and deep fried for a longer amount of time than the traditional potato chip. The result? Thicker, denser potato chips that pack a superior flavor to standard potato chips! In other words, they’re way better. 

Trust us when we tell you one bag is never enough — so load up your cart! 

Founded in post-war Hiroshima in 1949, the Calbee brand has a long history with Japan. Over the years, they’ve cemented themselves as a household name and one of the largest Japanese food snack makers. Today, Calbee is famous in and out of Japan for their delicious, unique potato chip snacks! Their philosophy is to harness Mother Nature’s gifts to create fun, tasty experiences for foodies in and out of Japan. Now that’s a mission we’re proud to support! 

Calbee Potato Chips Details:

  • Made in Japan (label is in Japanese)
  • Fast shipping from Osaka, Japan
  • Product Size: 65 grams (1 bag)
  • Main Ingredients: Potato (non-GM), vegetable oil, black pepper, salt, sugar, corn starch, dehydrated yeast extract, onion powder, soy sauce powder
  • Potential allergens: Wheat, soybean, pork.

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