Pentel Orenz AT Dual Grip Type Dark Red XPP2005-B

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Mechanical pencil with automatic centering mechanism
Equipped with an "automatic centering mechanism" that allows you to continue writing with a single tap, an "Orenz system" that protects the core with the pipe of the pen tip, and a "dual grip" that allows you to hold it firmly, making concentration more difficult than ever. Introducing a new model of "Orenz" that you can keep thinking about.

Dual grip
Firm grip rubber + metal "dual grip"

Low center of gravity
"Low center of gravity" to prevent fatigue even when writing for a long time

Mechanism that automatically ejects the core
Equipped with an "automatic centering mechanism" that automatically ejects the lead every time the pen tip leaves the paper. With the first knock, you can continue writing until you run out of lead.
In addition, it is equipped with an "Orenz system" that does not break because the pen tip protects the core when writing. The pen tip pipe slides according to the amount of lead used. You can continue writing while protecting the core with the pipe, so the core will not break.

Product information:
Body size (approximately): [body] width 12 x depth 11 x length 136mm
Shaft diameter: 0.5mm
Weight (approx.): 15g
Material: [Premium/front axle/knock] brass [rubber grip] silicone
[Rear axle] ABS 
[Clip] Iron

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Pentel Orenz AT Dual Grip Type Dark Red XPP2005-B
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