Takara Tomy Pla-Rail Plarail Steam chuff-chuff! Thomas Set 876854

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Takara Tomy Pla-Rail Plarail Steam chuff-chuff! Thomas Set 876854 

Plarail Thomas genuine steam comes out. Whether electric or hand rolling, steam is running and it runs.

· You can play water supply from the water tower.
Adopting patent pending 'tankless steam system', you can enjoy with few water droplets of water supply.
· Sound & Talking 27 kinds entered!
When the steam is getting out "Let's steam!" "Look at my chimney!" "Schush ~! Schush ~!"
"When I lost my body" "I am thirsty!" "Please put me some water!" "Meez! Mie!" When you feed water "It's full!" "Departure progress!"
· Easy to clean! Reliable design
Because water is stored in the water tower, not in the body of the vehicle, it is hygienic, which makes it difficult for mold to mold. Water filled in the vehicle gets accumulated in the pond beside the water tower, making water less prone to spill. Because there is a lock on the water tower, even if you drop the water supply button without the vehicle, water will not spill on the rail or floor.
The water in the water tower can be easily discharged outside so that the water of the dropper can be discharged. Steam is fog generated by the ultrasonic method, so it is not hot even if you touch the hand.
· All-in-one who can play immediately with iron bridge and rail
· Cute design with green waterproof play sheet

Item included:

Steam chuff-chuff! Thomas (1),
Freight car (1),
Water supply tower base with stop rail (1),
Water supply towers (1),
Grass decoration (green, yellowish green) (2),
Stand type suspension bridge (2),
Curved rails (8),
Linear rails (1),
Instruction manual (1),
Waterproof play sheet W 780 x H 640 (1)

2x AAA alkaline batteries
1x AA type manganese dry battery required (Batteries are sold separately.)

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