Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl Hresvelgr=Albas Plastic Model

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Total Height・シ・150mm
-The Frame Arms Girl "Hresvelgr" is a three-dimensional version of the variable Frame Arms "Hresvelgr" designed by Tomotake Kinoshita, based on an illustration by Eiji Komatsu.
-It will be a variation kit of the Hresvelgr series.
-You can enjoy three forms of deformation that respect the variable mechanism in Frame Arms.

Product details:
- A large weapon "Gunblade Lance", which is a feature of Albus, is included. New mount parts for connecting to the main body and arm rack parts that support large weapons are also added with new molds.
- The wing part becomes a new weapon "Gunblade Lance", forming a new silhouette even in flight mode.
- It can be transformed into three modes: normal mode, assault = trident mode, and air cruiser mode.
- Comes with 2 types of normal bangs parts and 4 types of hidden eyes (right / left).
- 4 types of face parts are included. (Normal face facing left, screaming face facing right, mouth open normal face facing front, face without tampo printing)
- 3 types of expression parts are pre-painted, so even if you just assemble it, the finish will be close to the setting.
- Decals such as eyes and facial expressions are included.
- A wide range of movement is achieved by the pull-out shoulder joint and the movable axis of the upper arm.
- A wide range of movement is achieved by combining the sliding movement of the hip joint.
- By adopting a movable ball joint for the wrist, it is possible to pose richly expressive.
- 5 types of left and right PVC wrists are included. Wrists, including joints, can be recombined with existing Frame Arms Girl series wrists.
-  "New Flying Base" is included.
- Two kinds of grips corresponding to 3mm diameter are included.
- By replacing some parts, the body state can be reproduced.
- The 3mm diameter holes on the arms and legs allow the use of weapons from the existing M.S.G series and Frame Arms series.
- The tail-shaped part behind the waist can be used as a cannon by holding it in your hand. The blade parts attached to the left and right of the tail-shaped parts can be removed and used as hand-held weapons.

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