Kato 10-381 Hokuetsu Railway Series 681-2000 'Snow Rabbit Express' 9 Cars Set (N scale)


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The 681 series 2000 series "Snow Rabbit Express" is a limited express train that was operated at the fastest speed of 160km / h on the conventional line on the Hokuriku Express Hokuhoku Line, which is a bypass line from the Tokyo metropolitan area to the Hokuriku area. The body of "Frosty White" that shines in the snowy country is characterized by the bands of "Crimson Red" and "Aqua Blue". You can enjoy it not only in combination with vehicles in the Hokuriku region, but also with limited express / suburban trains of JR West such as "Thunderbird".

- Reproduce the streamlined body shape of the actual vehicle with a sense of speed.
- Beautiful printing of the body number, car number display next to each door, snow rabbit mark on the body, and Hokuetsu Express logo mark
- Accurately reproduce roof equipment such as lightning arresters and antennas as separate parts. A whistle cover is applied to the whistle of the leading car from this production
- The intermediate connection part is equipped as standard with the KATO coupler close-coupled type (bogie mount). KATO coupler telescopic close-coupled type (PAT.) Is standard equipment on the driver's cab side of the middle leading car
- Adopts a power unit that has a good reputation for stable driving
- Head / tail lights are lit. Kumoha 681 has a light-off switch. The light unit is a light bulb color LED type
- Accessories Destination display sticker, rooftop equipment, driver for turn-off switch
- Compatible with interior lighting kit  Kato 11-211 (Kato 11-212)

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Kato 10-381 Hokuetsu Railway Series 681-2000 'Snow Rabbit Express' 9 Cars Set (N scale)
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