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Kato 1-306 Electric Locomotive Type EF65 1000 (Late Type) (HO scale)

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MSRP: JPY20,350
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This product is an HO scale product, not an N scale product.

Product introduction
- The EF65 1000 series appeared in 1969 as a high-speed passenger cargo type of the EF65 type, and is widely used in DC flat line electrified sections nationwide, from blue trains to general freight trains.
- A through door is provided for double-heading operation, and the front has a different image from the 0s and 500s.
- In addition, the cold and snow resistant equipment has been strengthened in consideration of winter use on the Tohoku and Joshinetsu lines.
- A total of 139 cars were manufactured, but you can see the difference in appearance specifications depending on the year of manufacture and specifications, such as pantograph, license plate, tail light shape and the presence or absence of ventilation holes on the front.

Product features
- Equipped with PS22 type pantograph which is a feature of the late type.
- Power unit with flywheel ensures powerful and smooth running performance.
- Headlights on. DCC compatible (for mounting a decoder with NMRA 8-pin plug).
- Uses a quick head mark (PAT.).
- Indoor see-through, expressing the driver's cab (operation panel, chair, etc.)
- Reproduce the car body notation realistically by printing. The license plate can be selected by instant lettering.

[Organization example]
EF65 1000 + 14 series seat passenger car
EF65 1000 + 24 series 25 type sleeper passenger car

Quick head mark (Sakura, Mizuho, ​​Suisei, Naha)
License plate (inletter)
Handrails, wipers, jumper plugs
Manufacturer's plate
Roof equipment
Underfloor equipment

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