Kato 4935-1 Passenger Car Special Imperial Car (N scale)

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- A special vehicle used for the Summit train as an imperial car. Reproduce the modern summon train to replace the No.1 summon train formation.
- A sharp and profound appearance with a strong presence is reproduced, and the color of the Maggiore paint body color changes according to the light beam.
- “Chrysanthemum crest” on the side of the car body and three elegant gold lines are also vividly represented. High-quality style will be accurately modeled.
- The sofa in the room (special room) consists of a separate blue part. Reproduce the presence unique to special vehicles, such as format notation that fits into the wife.
- The coupler comes standard with a body-mounted KATO tightly coupled coupler. E655 series waste, E257 series, and E657 series can be connected.
-Comes with decorations and equipment for the E655 series top car when operating the summit train. Produce a suitable expression for your train. A dedicated crest for the top car, a national flag, a coupler cover, a step, and a front handrail. (Attached to the front and back according to the driving.)
- The package is a standard clear case.

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