Kato 10-1432 KOKI 106 + 107 Freight Car 10 Cars Set (N scale)

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It is a new series container freight car that is perfect for locomotives currently active, such as DC electric locomotives EF200, EF210, EH200, AC / DC electric locomotives EF510, EH500, and JNR type EF65, EF81.

- Koki 106 + 107 Koki 107 471 included in the 10-car set without container represents the cantera attached to the end, and the tail light is lit.
- Realistic reproduction of the car body notation. The underframe is removed, and the frame shape that allows you to see complicated piping is realistically reproduced. Even when the container is empty, you can appreciate the detailed details that approach the actual vehicle.
- Koki 107 reproduces features such as an underframe with a different shape from Koki 106 and a hand brake that has been moved from the side to the deck pickpocket.
- Reproduce the hand brake handle in yellow as in the actual vehicle. Hand brakes set as user-installed parts
- Reproduce the container stopper on the top of the underframe
- Arnold coupler equipment
- The 2-car set comes with a reflector that can be attached to the end of the formation.
- Both insoles are compatible with both container loading and non-loading. The insole of the 10-car set book case can store a total of 12 cars of Koki 104/106/107.
- Accessories: Brake handle, reflector (2-car set)

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