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Kato 3023-7 JR Electric Locomotive Type EF64-1030 (Nagaoka Color) (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY7,920
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- We will commercialize the EF64 1030 machine belonging to the JR East Nagaoka Rolling Stock Center, which is still active in the service area of ​​JR East.
- The EF64 1000 series appeared in 1980-1982 in the form of replacing the old electric locomotives that had been active on the Joetsu Line until 1980-1982.
- The EF64 1030 is currently playing an active role in transporting vehicles that are active in the Tokyo metropolitan area, such as E235 Series Yamanote Line distribution transport and E231 Series entrance transport.
- Once used as a traction machine for the 24th series limited express "Akebono" between Ueno and Nagaoka.
- You can enjoy EF64 1030 with N gauge with a characteristic figure equipped with a double-headed connector for electric train distribution and a jumper stopper for electric brake control.
- It is also recommended as a traction machine for the 24 series limited express "Akebono" that will be re-produced at the same time.

[Product Features]
- The EF64 1030 machine belonging to the JR East Nagaoka Rolling Stock Center was commercialized as a prototype in the form after November 2015.
- According to the double-headed connector equipment, the remodeling performed around the skirt, such as the centering device, KE100 jumper stopper, skirt notch, etc., is accurately reproduced.
- At the time of shipment, one side is a double-headed coupler, and the other side is equipped with an Arnold coupler according to the passenger car. Includes 1 each coupler for replacement. The double-headed coupler is equipped with a double-headed connector with a tight connection without hooks.
- The JR mark on both sides is between the first and second from the 2 end side of the machine room window, accurately reproducing the characteristics of the 1030 machine with the lower side of the mark aligned with the lower side of the window. The marking position is different from the existing products 1031 and 1032.
- Printed the license plate and manufacturer's plate of the 1030th machine.
- Powerful and smooth driving performance is achieved by adopting a power unit equipped with a flywheel.
- Headlights on. Adopted light bulb color LED.
- Supports quick head mark. Includes headmarks for Hokuriku and Akebono.
- Two kinds of jumper stoppers, roof equipment, front handrail parts included.

- Train radio antenna Hand Suri jumper stopper
- Double-headed connector for Arnold coupler replacement for head mark replacement
- Jumper stopper (with hose) blue, gray

[Example of organization]
EF64 1030+24 Series Limited Express "Akebono"
EF64 1030+E235 series Yamanote Line

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