Kato 3092-2 Electric Locomotive EF210 300 with JRF Mark (N scale)

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The EF210 300 series is a DC electric locomotive that is active mainly on the Tokaido Main Line and Sanyo Main Line as the main freight transport machine.
Equipped with a large-capacity coupler with a shock absorber, the body length is 400 mm longer than the 100 series, so the shape around the skirt is different, and the yellow belt on the side and the character design of Momotaro are also featured.
- September 2015 Prototype of new product
- Reproduce the characteristic lower front part of the body, steps, and large skirt that jut out to the front
- Reproduce the rain doi extended to the entire length of the car body
- Beautifully express the yellow belt on the side and the logo design of Momotaro
- There is a JRF mark on the side, reproducing the appearance without Momotaro's character design
- Reproduce the enlarged white guide railing
- Achieves stable running by adopting a power unit with a flywheel. It is recommended to drive a main business machine with freight cars with traction tires.
- Selectable license plate: "301" "304" "306" "309"

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