Kato 10-1722 Series M250 Super Rail Cargo (U50A Container Loading) 4 Cars Add-on Set A (N scale)

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The M250 series Super Rail Cargo is the first power distribution type limited express container train developed for the purpose of reducing environmental load (CO2 reduction) and high-speed transportation of small-lot combined cargo such as courier services.
In recent years, the U50A container has been loaded and operated instead of the conventional U54A container, and the design of the head mark on the front has been changed to a simple one.
The loaded U50A container is sold separately as a replacement for the conventional product. It is also ideal for locomotive-towed container trains.

- Commercialized M250 series 2nd to 3rd trains as prototypes
- The head mark sticker on the front expresses the current simple design
-The first commercialized U50A container, which is shorter than the conventional U54A. Reproduce the difference of halo mark
- Body number and body notation are printed
- Intermediate cars T260 / T261 reproduce the appearance without the JRF mark
- Beautiful expression of the Super Rail Cargo mark on the side of the car body
- Accurately reproduce rooftop equipment such as lightning arresters and antennas
- Head / tail lights are lit (light bulb color LED is used). Reproduce the realistic headlight lighting state
- The coupler of the intermediate car connection part is equipped with his KATO coupler close-coupled type (PAT.) As standard equipment.
- Additional set A (4 cars) adopts an 8-car book case that can store the basic set
- Accessories ・ ・ ・ Basic set (4 cars): Roof equipment, antenna, whistle extension set A (4 cars): Roof equipment, set name display sticker

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