Kato 10-1396 Series 521 (3rd) 2 Cars Set (N scale)

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- The current appearance of the J13 train (made by Kawasaki) belonging to Kanazawa Car Maintenance Center is a prototype.
- Reproduce the front design, skirt and roof details different from the 521 series (secondary car)
- Accurately reproduces the unique facial expression equipped with the fall prevention holo, which has become the standard design for JR West commuting and suburban trains.
- Equipped with a dummy coupler that reproduces the coupler cover + Denren at the beginning. By exchanging with the attached coupler for leading connection, it is possible to connect leading cars.
- Adopts a close coupler (without hook) for the intermediate connection part
- Stable running is possible by adopting a power unit with a flywheel. Traction tire equipment
- "Normal Kanazawa" has been printed on the front destination display. "Normal Tsuruga" and "(plain)" are included for replacement. The side destination display is expressed in plain black. Destination display sticker included
- Head / tail light on (with off switch)
- DCC friendly
Compatible with interior lighting kit Kato 11-211 (Kato 11-212) 

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