Kato 10-1751 Seibu Railway Series New 101 New Painting Color 4 Cars Set (N scale)

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Seibu Railway 101 series appeared in 1969 with the opening of the Seibu-Chichibu Line.
Equipped with a high-output motor and decelerating brake suitable for running on mountain lines, it has developed into a commuter train that represents Seibu. In 1979, the new 101 series was born with minor changes such as the front design, and in 1996, the beige around the windows was changed to a new paint color that was abolished. The new 101 series is still active in the branch section of Seibu Railway.

- Commercialized with a different car number from the conventional product (excluding the addition of two leading cars)
- Beautiful reproduction of the new 101 series paint color based on yellow
- Accurately expresses the stainless steel parts and aluminum sash windows of the front decorative plate, customer door, and front hand pickpocket.
- The pantograph uses shoes that reproduce the late form of the actual vehicle, and the specifications are unified so that the roof can be assembled with insulators in four holes.
- The leading car is a light bulb color headlight / tail light lit (4-car basic / 2-car leading car / 2-car leading car addition Kumoha 287)
- The head part is equipped with a dummy coupler as standard equipment / a coupler for connection is attached (4-car basic / 2-car lead car and odd-numbered car with 2 car lead cars added). KATO coupler close-coupled type standard equipment for intermediate connection
- There is no traction tire for the motor car of the 2-car leading car set.
- Updated the recorded contents of the attached destination display sticker to the final version before the addition of the Roman alphabet notation of the actual vehicle
- The book case of the 4-car basic set is a 10-car book case that can store the contents of the 4-car add-on set and the 2-car lead car set.
- Accessories: 4-car basic set, 4-car add-on set, 2-car lead car set ... Replacement close-fitting coupler x 1, destination display sticker, 2-car lead car add-on set ... destination display sticker
- Compatible with interior lighting kit  Kato 11-211 (11-212) and Kato 11-213 (11-214)

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Kato 10-1751 Seibu Railway Series New 101 New Painting Color 4 Cars Set (N scale)
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