Kato 2016-A Steam Locomotive Type D51 498 w/Auxiliary Light (N scale)

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D51 498 was manufactured in 1940 and was active in various parts of Honshu. It was scrapped in 1972 and was preserved in front of Gokan Station on the Joetsu Line, but 16 years later, Showa. In November 1988, JR East revived its dynamics and resumed its activities just like its heyday.
The first tow train to revive was the much talked about "Orient Express '88" that was in Japan at that time. The last train in Japan was towed by a double-headed train from Ueno Station to Omiya Station, standing in front of the main train, EF58 61.
Since then, it has gained popularity due to the towing of event trains such as the "SL Minakami" on the Joetsu Line, and has become one of the signboard vehicles in JR East. In 2015, a secondary light of LP405 type was installed beside the headlight. Currently, he is mainly active in "SL Gunma Minakami" and "SL Gunma Yokokawa", leading 12 series passenger cars.

- Two types of license plates are included, a normal black background and a red background that has been seen in recent years.
- Reproduce the LP405 type secondary light mounted on the side of the headlight, the smoke collector mounting seat and the manufacturing name plate of the cab
- The tender reproduces the current appearance, such as the partition, the coal-increasing enclosure, the shape around the heavy oil tank, the piping on the wife's side, and the expression of the steam pipe.
- Spoke wheels are used for the front and trailing wheels.
- The power equipped with the flywheel realizes stable running by collecting current from the tender wheels as well as the engine part.
- Similar to the actual vehicle, it expresses the gap between the boiler and the underframe and the center of the box driving wheel with holes.
- Realistic reproduction of details such as cylinder butt bar guidance, cab lower frame, and runboard mesh pattern
- Head marks include "SL Gunma Minakami" and "SL Gunma Yokokawa"

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