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Kato 10-1730 JR Series E4 Shinkansen 'Max' 8 Cars Set (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY23,100
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The E4 Series Shinkansen appeared in 1994 as an all-double-decker Shinkansen following the E1 Series. Based on the 8-car train, it was also operated in a 16-car train with 2 trains combined, and in addition to the E4 series, it was also operated in combination with the E3 series Yamagata Shinkansen "Tsubasa". Since the appearance of the E5 series, it has been mainly operated on the Joetsu Shinkansen, and in 2014, the band color was changed from yellow to pink.
On October 1, 2021, many people missed the regular service.

The E4 series is basically an 8-car train, and a 16-car train that connects two trains is also operated. By the way, the capacity for 16-car trains is 1634. It boasts the largest capacity in the world as a high-speed vehicle. By combining E4 series and E3 series (Tsubasa) and E4 series (when Max), it is possible to reproduce different activities depending on the times.

- Reproduce the streamlined body shape and beautiful coloring of the actual vehicle with a sense of speed.
- When an optional interior light is installed, the difference in lighting color between the green room and the ordinary room can be reproduced.
- Achieves see-through of the first floor of the intermediate motor vehicle
- Accurately reproduces rooftop equipment such as PS201 pantographs, lightning arresters, and antennas.
- -Beautifully express the body number and body notation.
- Uses a power unit equipped with a flywheel. Demonstrates smooth and powerful driving performance. Also equipped with a suspension mechanism.
- Head / tail lights are lit.
- Equipped with a front part connection mechanism that can be connected to other types with realistic operation approaching the actual vehicle.
- KATO diaphragm coupler PAT. Is standard equipment on the intermediate car connection.
- DCC friendly.
- Accessories, destination display stickers, roof equipment (parts with users)

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