Kato 10-1813 Series 287 'Kounotori' 4 Cars Set (N scale)

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Series 287 is the latest DC limited express train developed by JR West based on the 683 series. - In 2011, it began to play an active role as 'Kounotori' in the form of replacing the conventional 183 series and 381 series, and started commercial operation as 'Kuroshio' from March 2012.

- Reproduce the rounded front shape and characteristic headlights/taillights
- Headlights/taillights are standard equipment on the top car. Change the color of the light on the cab from the conventional product. Express the difference in color of the headlights. Comes with a light-off switch so that you can enjoy adding and disconnecting
- Updated the contents of the side destination display sticker to the current specification. "Kounotori", "Kinosaki", "Hashidate", and "Maizuru" can be displayed with nicknames, destinations, and car numbers.
- Beautifully reproduces the gray and dark red band around the window
- The cab side of the leading car adopts a close-coupled KATO coupler (no hook). Electric parts included. Intermediate connecting part adopts body mount close coupler (with hook)
- Employment of a slotless motor realizes even smoother and quieter running.
- The contents of the basic set can be stored in the book case of the extension set. Comes with a set name display sticker
- Accessories (basic set (4 cars)): Denren x 2, destination display sticker, driver for off switch

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Kato 10-1813 Series 287 'Kounotori' 4 Cars Set (N scale)
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