Kato 1-304 Electric Locomotive Type EF65 0 (General Color) (HO scale)

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This product is an HO scale product, not an N scale product.
The electric locomotive for freight (HO) EF65 0 series, which appeared in the JNR era and was active even after the transition to JR, was developed for the purpose of improving and promoting standardization of the EF60, which lacked acceleration performance in the medium and high speed range, and is flat. Introduced as a DC freighter for lines. Along with the expansion, it was responsible for the progress of electrification of freight trains on each line, and by 1970, a total of 135 cars were manufactured and placed in each of the Okayama and Inazawa No. 2 engine districts, mainly on the Tokaido and Sanyo main lines. I played an active part in the freight towing of.

- Prototype of 3rd to 5th order type of 0 series general type
- Representing the driver's cab (operation panel, chair, indoor see-through)
- You can select the appearance with or without the train radio antenna. It is possible to reproduce the appearance equipped with a train radio antenna by small processing on the car body
- Stable running is achieved by adopting a power unit equipped with a flywheel.
- Headlight lighting
- License plates (73, 86, 102, 118) can be selected with lettering sheets
- Selectable maker's plate: "Toshiba" "Toshiba Electric + train company" "Kawasaki Heavy Industries + Fuji Electric"
- Reproduce the car body notation realistically by printing
- DCC compatible (for mounting decoder with NMRA 8-pin plug)
- Minimum passing radius: R550
- Accessories: Handrails, wipers, jumper plugs, rooftop equipment, underfloor equipment, license plates (inletter), maker's plates

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