Fujimi 066073 Toyota Alphard GF3.5L (Black) 1/24 scale Pre-painted kit

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This is a plastic model kit and assembly is required

Made in Japan

"3rd generation Alphard / 30 series early model" black addition lineup!

In 2015, it appeared with the full model change for the first time in 6 years from the 20th previous alphard.
In December 2017 the late model which was partially improved also appeared and reigned as "the finest minivan".

-It is a type of kit that assembles snap-fit type assembly design without using adhesive.
-The product is a gasoline car / 3.5 L of GF grade motif.
-Body black is reproduced with molded color, it has specifications that can be completed without painting with exclusive molding material with strong gloss.
-Stickers excellent in followability are attached so that color difference expression of fine parts such as window frames, emblems, roof moldings can be performed easily.
In the sticker, 'Green Registration Car Number' along with 'Normal private white number' 'ALPHARD' will be recorded.
Emblem of a hybrid car is also recorded as service.

The large plating grill was newly molded parts and plated with resin similarly as the real car, and expressed it.

The reflector of the rear bumper part reproduced the lateral type with a new mold.

We have reproduced the cutting brilliant type of Executive lounge/ GF / G grade standard equipment with a new mold.

-The black shadow part of the window glass is "Reproducible by pasting".
It has a window film that can also be used as "masked mask for painting".

-Please note that the interior is a real model of Fluxen, the product is black type molded color and we do not express color.

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Fujimi 066073 Toyota Alphard GF3.5L (Black) 1/24 scale Pre-painted kit
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