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Fujimi TK40 Chibi-maru Kantai Fleet IJN BattleShip Ise / Hyuga Non-Scale Kit

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MSRP: JPY2,640
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This is a plastic model kit and assembly is required


Made in Japan


Recommended for those who are wondering whether to make Ise or Hyuga!
Ise battleship Ise and Hyuga became a selectable kit.


It is a series deformed cute of the Japanese Navy's warship to the palm size.
Sticker is attached to multicolor molding and detailed color coding, painting is unnecessary.
Adoption of snap-fit type, no adhesive required.
The best name sticker is attached to the display.


One product can be assembled by selecting Battleship Ise and Battleship Hyuga.
The motif reproduces the appearance of the battleship before the flight deck is equipped.
Sticker to reproduce the grain of deck comes with. Complex grain can easily be reproduced.
The characteristic shape of the mast is reproduced with its own parts.


- The adhesive is unnecessary; snap-fit-kit.
- Painting is unnecessary by color coding by multicolor molding.
- The wooden deck and others can be colored by sticking a sticker, it looks good without painting, and there is also a sense of precision.
- It is a size that you can play with floating in water with a total length of about 11 cm.
- If you do not attach the hull bottom part, you can enjoy it as an offshore model.

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