Fujimi TOKU SP63 Battle of the Coral Sea Shokaku Zuikaku Myoko Haguro Set 1/700 Scale Kit

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Fujimi TOKU SP63 Battle of the Coral Sea Aircraft Carrier Shokaku Zuikaku and Heavy Cruiser Myoko Haguro Set 1/700 Scale kit

Toku Series Plastic Model Kit - Fujimi TOKU SP63

Item is a plastic model kit and assembly is required

Four aircraft carriers, Shokaku, Zuikaku heavy Cruiser Myoko and Haguro which participated in the Coral Sea Naval Battle!
Product Shokaku, Zuikaku can reproduce the appearance at the time of the war before the No.21 Electric Search and anchor deck machine guns are expanded.
Myoko reproduces the appearance of the newly constructed air defense command post after the second renovation, while Haguro can reproduce the appearance at the time of the naval battle before the air defense command center was set up.
The plate that is best for the exhibition that listed the name of the ship and the name of the operation is attached.

The special series is a general plastic model using paint and adhesive.
We created the true figure of the former Japanese Navy's ship that everyone knows and reproduced the appearance incorporating all the latest information currently being grasped.
Real mold is applied at the level of 1/350 scale, it becomes finished product with high precision with fine parts.
It takes time to assemble, but it is a kit that can satisfy the finish.
It is an irresistible plastic model for those who like vessels who can actually enjoy assembling vessels that appear in animation and smartphone games.

Made in Japan

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