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Fujimi TOKU-82 IJN Aircraft Carrier Katsuragi 1/700 scale kit

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MSRP: JPY3,740
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Item is a plastic model kit and assembly is required

Mass production under wartime Characteristic "Yunlong type 3 battlefield Katsuragi" that aimed for simplification of construction was launched for the first time in a special series!
Flying deck, machine gun sponson, bridge and many others Simplified parts are reproduced with special parts.

□ Even among the cloud drag shapes, each ship features are reproduced with different parts.
□ 25 millimeter 3 consecutive machine gun seat installed at the bow · stern has appointed square type special parts.
□ The decal for camouflage is attached so that you can easily reproduce the figure which was painted camouflaged on the flight deck.
□ Flighted equipment was scheduled to be installed "strong wind" "meteor" "Saiun" comes with it.
□ Molded parts of the ship's body are light green considering the painting coloring of the outer port No. 22 color.

【First Time-Limited Bonus、EThis is a 2 piece 96-inch 25 mm machine gun.
· This is a new mold, so that gunmetal gun barrel and hull color of the base is painted differently and it makes it easy to reproduce.

Special series is a general plastic model using paint and adhesive.
We created it by seeking the true figure of the former Japanese Navy's ship that everyone knows, and reproduced the appearance incorporating all the latest information currently being grasped.
By making use of the latest mold technology, we also made delicate expression possible.
Through shipboard plastic model, you can learn history and era background.
It is a plastic model that can be enjoyed beyond generations.

Made in Japan

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