Fujimi FUNE NEXT 010 IJN Yugumo Type Destroyer Yugumo / Kazagumo 2 set 1/700 scale kit

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Fujimi FUNE NEXT 010 IJN Yugumo Type Destroyer Yugumo / Kazagumo 2 set 1/700 scale kit

Item is a plastic model kit and assembly is required

Made in Japan

The Japanese navy 's mass - produced fleet - type destroyer, the final finished form "Yun - ji type" appears in the 1/700 scale NEXT series!

In the evening cloud model, the figure at the time of the completion of the name ship "Yunumo", the third ship "Fuyun" appeared as the final figure and commercialized it!

・・。 Compared with the flame type, the enlarged bridge was reproduced as a new exclusive part.
・・。 The last part of the deck and the detonation equipment can also reproduce the difference at the time of completion / final time.
・・。 In the wind clouds, the added machine gun seat was reproduced with special parts.
・・。 The wind cloud is equipped with 22 in the front mast. Sunshine is a three-leg mast before electricity detection equipment.
・・。 The mast has made the shape difference before and after the electricity detection equipment is made into a separate part.
・・。 Compared to the evening cloud at completion, the wind cloud appointed the rear mast equipped with No. 13 electrical search.

Ship NEXT series is a plastic kit that makes ship model easier to make, yet realizes realistic.
・・・EParts are color-coded and painting is unnecessary.
・・・EWe adopt a division method where part alignment is inconspicuous.
・・・EIt is a snap kit that does not require glue.
・・・ESeal that reproduces the color coding of the fine parts is attached.
・・・EYou can reproduce the offshore models by removing under the waterline.

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