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Bring Home Your Favorite Z Gauge Trains Now

Plaza Japan has a ton of Z scale train sets to choose from, helping you perfect your layout and design the city, countryside, or other environments that you have in mind. Just getting started with your new hobby? Get everything you need to start your first full build with products like the Rokuhan Z Scale Mini Layout Set. Are you looking to skip over the Z gauge train sets and look for individual cars you need to complete a certain look? You might be looking for something like the Rokuhan T037-2 SHIKI 880 Type Freight Car Ultra High Voltage Transformer Transportation instead. No matter where you are in your hobby, we offer all of the trains and accessories you need to make the most out of your passion for model trains!

Plaza Japan Has Everything a Model Train Enthusiast Could Need… Shop Now!

Plaza Japan offers a wide selection of authentic Japanese model trains, model train tracks, and other accessories to help you tie the entire scene together. With fast shipping, you get the high-quality products that you want quickly and reliably. Ready to elevate your model train hobby? Shop our Z scale trains now or contact us if you have any questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information? Check out our FAQ section below for expert tips and intel.

What is Z scale?

Z scale is one of many popular model train scale ratios on the market today. Z scale features a scale ratio of 1:220, making it one of the smallest scales available. 

Do Z scale train cars fit on tracks of other gauges?

Size compatibility between your train cars and tracks is critical to the function of your model train. While your train might run on a track that technically isn’t compatible, you won’t be optimizing performance or design unless you use trains and cars in the same scale.

How tall are Z scale trains?

While all trains, tracks, and structures in Z scale feature the same scale ratio, each individual car product has specific dimensions that could impact your set’s performance and aesthetics. Make sure to read product descriptions carefully before purchase to make sure your chosen product is compatible with the rest of your environment. 

What are some of the most common brands of Z scale trains?

Platz and Rokuhan Z scale trains are some of the most popular in today’s model market. Both brands are well-represented in Plaza Japan’s collection.