Eternatus descends in the latest Pokémon TCG Expansion - S3 Infinity Zone!

Eternatus descends in the latest Pokémon TCG Expansion - S3 Infinity Zone!

Posted by Braysh Gaming on 5th Jun 2020

Eternatus has been awoken, and dark clouds gather around the latest Pokémon TCG expansion. Prepare yourself for Galar's legendary antagonist in S3, Infinity Zone!

Released June 5th and available to order from Plaza Japan now , Infinity Zone is the latest 100+ card expansion to hit the TCG, featuring no less than eight new V Pokémon, and four new VMAX cards! This comes as no surprise given that this is a core expansion.

Of course, Eternatus V and Eternatus VMAX are heading your way, but what can we expect these cards to do, and how will they shape the game?

Well, VMAX Pokémon beware when taking on Eternatus V! The almighty “Dynamax Cannon” attack will usually hit for 120 damage, but when attacking a VMAX Pokémon, this is doubled to 240! Now that's a quickfire way to take three prize cards.

When you're done taking down VMAX Pokémon for fun, get ready to VMAX yourself, as Eternatus VMAX continues to pile on more misery for your opponent!

Firstly, get set up with an Ability named after the set itself – “Infinity Zone”! This Ability is perfect for ramping up the Dark-type demolition. As long as all of your Pokémon in play are Dark-type, you can have up to eight Pokémon on your bench. Why is this important? Well, if you fill your bench with Dark-type Pokémon, Eternatus VMAX attack, “Dread End”, will do 30 damage for every Dark-type in play! That allows up to a giant 270 damage! It’s simple, there is no escaping the Infinity Zone with Eternatus around.

Another Pokémon entering for the first time in the Sword and Shield era will be Crobat V, and its Ability has caused quite a stir with some players of the TCG. That Ability is “Night Asset”. When you play Crobat V from your hand to your bench, you may draw cards until you have six cards in your hand. However, you can only use Night Asset once per turn. So, our advice? Use it wisely.

This Ability is incredibly similar to the "Set Up" Ability of Shaymin EX, of which was an absolute staple of almost all 

The other six V Pokémon cards waiting to be discovered in S3 Infinity Zone are Houndoom V, Drednaw V, Galarian Cursola V, Rhyperior V, Scizor V and Salamence V. A great mix of old favourites and new Galarian Pokémon, with Drednaw VMAX, Scizor VMAX and Salamence VMAX making up the remaining VMAX roster.decks in the XY era of the TCG. This again, could be one of the most sought-after cards of its era.

As always, V cards can be found as "SR" Secret Rare, while VMAX cards can be found as "HR" Hyper Rare!

Moving on to Trainer cards, and of course starting with Items. Infinity Zone being a core set once again, we're treated to five new items cards! These Items are Cheering Y-Horn, Turbo Patch, Toughness Cloak, Billowing Smoke, and Rare Fossil. Which of these five could possibly be golden "UR" Ultra Rare?

Wait, Rare Fossil? That's right. Infinity Zone is bringing back Fossil Pokémon! The Rare Fossil Item card acts as a Pokémon, until it's ready to be evolved into fossil Pokémon that is. All four Galarian fossil Pokémon - that's Dracovish, Arctovish, Dracozolt and Arctozolt are all making their TCG debut. This set has it all.

S3 doesn't stop there. There is even two Special Energy cards in the form of Hide Dark-Energy and Powerful Colorless-Energy alongside two new Field cards - Spikemuth and Rose Tower. Phew!

Supporter cards are here too! This time, Birdkeeper, Piers and Chairman Rose are the cards to look out for - and of course at least two of these will be given the "SR" and "HR" treatment as they turn full art!

It only makes sense for Chairman Rose to be here whilst Eternatus is around, as playing Chairman Rose will allow you to attach two Energy cards from your Discard pile onto one of your VMAX Pokémon. Eternatus VMAX will set up fast!

Are you ready to step into the Infinity Zone? Eternatus is coming one way or another, so prepare your desk full of Dark-type power and get ready to take control over the TCG! Whether you’re taking down the opposition with a Dynamax Cannon or setting up with the undeniably useful Night Asset Ability of Crobat V, S3 is a set that could be able to change the TCG for the entire Sword and Shield Era. This is a Pokémon TCG expansion not to be missed, so don't miss out and order from Plaza Japan today!