Top Tips for Collecting Anime Figures Without Breaking the Bank

Top Tips for Collecting Anime Figures Without Breaking the Bank

Jun 23, 2022

If you’re a fan of manga and anime, having the entire series in media format might not be the only way you wish to express your love for your favorite characters. Those who are massive fans of certain anime may want to dive into collecting anime figures.

The problem? If you’ve looked at anime figure prices, they get expensive. Really expensive. However, there are ways to pursue the hobby while still being able to afford this month’s rent!

If you want to start putting some of your favorite characters on display, here are some top tips for starting and building your anime figure collection without breaking the bank.

Create Savings Goals

One of the most important aspects of collecting anime figures is making sure that your hobby fits into your budget. If you’re focused on building a collection of high-quality, high-end anime figures, you might find that you don’t have the money you need to get the characters you want. In this scenario, the best way to go about getting your hands on those anime figures without breaking the bank is to create a savings goal. This way, you can start collecting anime figures and ensure that you’re staying within your budget by setting aside a certain amount of money each month to spend on your passion!

Search for Lower-Priced Brands

There are many different factors affecting anime figure prices. Some of these factors include the scarcity or demand of the pieces you’re looking at, the amount of detail that has gone into the pieces, as well as their size. However, among all the pieces that cost hundreds of dollars to add to your collection, you’ll find there are some brands that generally offer more affordably-priced figures. 

If you’ve been collecting anime figures for a while, you’ve noticed that there are a few brands that continue making an appearance. Take, for example, Nendoroids from the Good Smile Company. Popular figures like the Good Smile Company Nendoroid Neo can go for $40.

Another great option offered by the Good Smile Company is POP UP PARADE pieces. Pieces from this line are easy to collect and they were made with the goal of helping anime fans gain access to more affordable products in greater numbers, with speedy releases. You can get started with an anime figure like the Good Smile Company POP UP PARADE Emilia: Memory Snow Ver. Figure

If you want to save money collecting anime figures, always look for brands that are known to offer more affordable. Not all brands are created equal and price points that scale more to your budget are out there, ready for you to enjoy.

Buy Anime Figures in Sets

For the most part, those who want to start buying anime figures are going to look around for individual pieces they want to add to their collection. That being said, this method of collecting anime figures can get expensive. Even if you’re only buying one figure a month at $30, you’re still spending $360 a year on anime figures. But is there actually a way you can save money on anime figures and get more bang for your buck?

One solution to combat high anime figure prices is to buy them in sets rather than buying them individually. Now, this might not work for everyone. Some anime series might not have sets or the maker of the figures may have decided to only do sets for certain anime series. However, if there are sets available, then sets get you several anime figures at once for a lower price. One excellent example of this is the Kaiyodo miniQ Shin Ultraman Box. This four-character box is perfect for collecting anime figures as you get multiple figures right off the bat, all at the low price of only $22. When you need to save money, think smarter and purchase a set!

Build Your Anime Figure Collection With Plaza Japan

Collecting anime figures can be expensive, but the strategies above will help you save money. Plaza Japan offers an extensive collection of anime figures, so you can complete your collection, while staying within your budget. More importantly, we offer fast shipping so that your favorite figures get to you quickly. Use the guide above to learn more about how you can save money on your hobby, then shop authentic Japanese anime figures with Plaza Japan today!