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Aoshima Plastic Models

Are you ready to lose yourself in the selection of Aoshima models on offer at Plaza Japan? Few brands are as versatile as Aoshima which provides every type of figure ranging from pirate ships to mecha-robots. Whatever your preference, you'll find a Japanese plastic model kit that can keep you busy for hours, if not days! Move away from model cars and aircraft carriers -- consider experimenting with the colorful models and molds that you'll find in our stock of Aoshima plastic models!

All About Aoshima Model Kits

We have plenty of Aoshima models to satisfy your model building cravings, no matter your taste! If you love robots and futuristic warriors then prepare for battle with the Aim for the Top! series of models. Begin with Gunbuster, a black and gold model who looks as menacing as he is powerful.

Are ships your style? Discover Aoshima plastic models of ships that start with the fantastical and range to the realistic -- you can even find a model of the infamous Titanic! Upon completion, your ship model will make a handsome display for a lighted case or a central mantle.

Aoshima is a popular brand because of its space-themed models, too. Take a trip to the cosmos without ever leaving your house. From space shuttles and lunar landers to the astronauts who pilot them, you'll uncover a whole new world of cosmic models in our Aoshima plastic models collection!

Looking for models that are already complete and ready to add to your collection? Shop our selection of finished models for cool, complete pieces! Explore our Aoshima models today at Plaza Japan to discover a whole new world of model making kits!