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The collection of F-Toys from Plaza Japan are the perfect toys for anyone who has an interest in transportation. From motorcycles and cars to planes and ships, you’ll find a little bit of everything. You’ll find everything from pull-back toys that are ready to zoom, to kits you get to put together.

Inspired by Real LIfe

In addition to our extensive lineup of toys, kits, and collectibles inspired by imaginary characters, Plaza Japan also offers products inspired by things you may have seen in person. No matter which mode of transportation you choose, our collection of F-Toys are inspired by real-life versions you may have seen around Japan. They’re also available in a variety of scales Just keep in mind that these toys are not necessarily in scale with each other. A Japanese ship may be in 1/1250 scale, but a model car set is more likely to be in 1/64 scale. This is because of the size difference in real life.

Bring On the Fun With Plaza Japan

In addition to our collection of F-Toys, Plaza Japan brings you plastic models, action figures, adult or child puzzles, and more. Whether you consider yourself a hardcore collector or you want to have fun with the kids, we have something for everyone. Discover fun products inspired by the characters and real-life vehicles you love when you shop Plaza Japan.