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Kotobukiya Zoids Model Kits

Whether you are buying Zoids model kits for yourself or you are giving them as a gift, our Kotobukiya Zoids are the best for fans of the franchise. You’ll be able to spend hours putting together these detailed plastic model kits, and collecting all of them will be part of the fun!

The Making of a Model

If you have ever put together a puzzle, then you know that Zoids model kits are going to provide you hours of entertainment. Zoids are some of the most challenging, yet fun, pieces to put together. Plaza Japan has all the Zoids and characters you love, as well as unique parts to customize your character.

The components are detailed, and the instructions are easy to follow. When you finish up one of the Zoids, you will instantly be filled with excitement to see the puzzle come together. Each Kotobukiya Zoid takes a different amount of time to complete, so you will want to set aside a few hours based on the Zoid that you choose. Each part is designed with the highest quality possible, as befitting a Kotobukiya product, so it’ll be easy for even the youngest builders to fit them all together!

Add to Your Collection Today!

It doesn’t matter if you are putting your Zoids model kits together alone or with a partner; you’re sure to have tons of fun! Shop the stock at Plaza Japan to find your favorite Zoid. For younger fans, don’t forget to check out our collection of authentic Japanese building toys!