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Tamiya Mini 4WD Models

Tamiya Mini 4WD plastic models are ideal for building enthusiasts and racing fans. You get double the trouble with Tamiya 4WD race cars and other vehicles. Not only can you put together the models that appeal to you, but these detailed model car kits also include remote-control components so that you can “drive” your car after you complete the assembly.

Remote-control cars are so much cooler than most stationary models. All of your hard work gets put to good use. The Tamiya Mini 4WD models at Plaza Japan are ideal for display, but once you’re done admiring them, you can take them out to the sidewalk or the backyard to satisfy your need for speed. What RC car do you want to buy first?

Remote-Control Fun

Plastic models are entertaining on their own, but Tamiya Mini 4WD pieces take it up a level or three. You get to enjoy the act of piecing everything together, painting the vehicle, and applying all the decals you want, just as you normally would. This time, however, the fun doesn’t stop there.

Whether you choose to assemble a radical race car or a more standard vehicle, such as the popular Toyota Yaris, you can play with it afterward. The Tamiya 4WD models can handle the toughest terrain, including the rocks in your backyard or the hills and bumps in the park. As you assemble each kit, you can essentially build your own remote-control car from the ground up.

Customize Your RC Cars

Better still, our Tamiya Mini 4WD models are exceptionally adaptable. We have a wide-ranging array of additional parts that will allow you to customize and personalize your RC vehicle. Apply eye-catching decals, spend time on an out-of-this-world paint job, or change up the look of the tires. You can check out our new arrivals to discover even more add-ons.

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