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Ensky Paper Theater Toys

Ensky paper theaters are stunning. If you enjoy educational toys like Halftoys, then browse our selection for paper theaters that require assembly. We have a massive selection of Japanese building toys, but the paper theaters that you can put together are easily among our favorites. 

However, you will also find Ensky toys that are already assembled and ready to display on your desk or even in a child’s bedroom. Explore the array of Ensky theaters at Plaza Japan!

The Magic of Ensky

Find a paper theater in our newest arrivals, or take a look at the always-popular items that have been a staple in our selection for a long time. Some of our Ensky paper theaters depict characters and scenes from anime and video games, such as Dragon Ball, Kirby, and Pokémon. Imagine displaying a paper theater featuring Snorlax snoozing!

If you’re into something more whimsical, consider our Studio Ghibli theaters. They have all of the charm of Halftoys, and you can argue that an introduction to Studio Ghibli is always educational. We bet that we even have a theater highlighting your favorite Ghibli film or scene!

Our collection of Ensky toys is limitless. We guarantee that you’ll find an Ensky paper theater that you have to have. Lose yourself in an assortment of Japanese products and paper theaters so that you can treat yourself to something new.