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Shop Train Erasers and More for Your Home Office

While train-themed office supplies might sound pretty straightforward, you might be surprised by the wide variety and unique designs that some of these everyday items have. Here at Plaza Japan, you can find:

  • Ballpoint pens that feature train head marks or train graphics on their casing.
  • Train pens that are shaped like trains. 
  • Mechanical pencils featuring train graphics on their casing.
  • Graphite and colored pencils that are wrapped in train designs.
  • Train erasers that are shaped like specific train models.

All of our train pencils, pens, and erasers sport exciting designs and perform well to provide you with the support you need in your home office or on the go.

Fast Shipping Directly From Japan

Here at Plaza Japan, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of high-quality, authentic Japanese products for your entertainment or collecting needs. All of our products are shipped directly from Japan to get your favorite products in your hands sooner. Shop now or contact us if you need any help!