Pokemon Card Game SM2L Sun & Moon Alola no Gekkou Booster Pack BOX

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Sun and Moon Pokemon Card Game

Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced us to more than 40 new Pokemon from the Aloha Region. Buy this booster pack to add new cards to your collection and to gain new types of Pokemon. This box comes with 30 packs of cards and each pack includes 5 cards. You get a total of 150 cards to add to your collection. With this new Sun and Moon Pokemon card game, you can collect them all and become a Pokemon master!


  • 1 box
  • 30 packs of cards
  • 1 pack = 5 cards
  • 150 total cards
  • All text is in Japanese

About the Booster Pack

This card set is the first to feature Pokemon from Generation VII. There are more than 40 new Pokemon that you can collect, including Rowlet, Litten, Torracat, Crobat, and Vikavolt. There are three new Legendary Pokemon to collect: Solgaleo, Lunala, and Cosmog. With new types of Pokemon, there are new ways to attack your opponents. Order this sun and moon pokemon card game booster pack to get well on your way of catching them all.

Order From Plaza Japan

Buying this booster pack gets you 150 new cards for your Pokemon collection. Collectors are important to Plaza Japan, whether you collect Pokemon cards, anime figures, or building models.

We know how important your collectibles are to you, so we work hard to ensure safe and secure shipping. If you have any questions, or you have a problem with your order, contact us so that we can help you out. Buy this sun and moon pokemon card game to grow your Pokemon collection today!

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