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Pokemon XY Cards for Collectors

These Pokemon XY cards are perfect for collectors, battlers, or anyone who loves the Pokemon series. This set was released in Japan on April 21, 2017, and it consists of 171 reprints of powerful cards from the "XY" and "XY BREAK" series that came out between December 2013 and June 2016. The text is in Japanese, and each set includes ten packs, each containing 15 cards.

Get the Best Cards from the "XY" and "XY BREAK" Series

This special edition is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to own some of the best cards from the "XY " "XY BREAK" series, which consists of over 1,000 cards. Whether you’re interested in beefing up your deck for battling, or you simply want to catch ‘em all, these Pokemon XY cards are sure to delight Pokemon fans of all ages.


  • Japanese Text
  • Box Includes 10 Packs of 15 Cards (150 Cards Total)
  • 171 Cards Recorded from the "XY" and "XY BREAK" series
  • Includes Popular Pokemon, Collectibles, Trainers, Special Energy, and More

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