Pokemon Center Original Plush Doll Blaziken (Bashamo)

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The Blaziken plush doll is cute and cuddly, but he can turn at the drop of a hat. When he encounters his foes, this fire Pokémon plush doll will shoot fire from his wrist and blacken his opponents. The Blaziken Pokémon plush doll is one you’ll want in your army – but he makes for an irresistibly squishy friend, too.

The Cuddle Power of Blaziken

This cuddly Blaziken plush features rich colors of grey, red, yellow, and orange. He can be posed in different positions, making it easy to act out different Pokémon scenarios. He’s ready for battle but loves to cuddle! This Blaziken is perfect for collectors of all ages.

The Evolution of Blaziken

In the Pokémon universe, Blaziken is the powerful final form of Torchic, a baby chick that shoots fire, and Combusken, an adult Pokémon chicken. With his strong, muscular legs, he can jump over 30 story buildings in one leap! When facing his enemies, he’s able to blow out intense flames from his wrists and scorch his foes. The stronger the opponent, the more intensely his wrists burn. Fortunately, the Blaziken Pokémon plush doll is always at ease.

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Pokémon fans can find all sorts of Pokémon plushes and other types of merchandise from Plaza Japan. You’ll have hours of fun playing with other fire Pokémon plush toys and his friends or his foes. Catch one, catch two, or just go ahead and catch them all!

The Blaziken plush toy and other Pokémon are available for your collection at Plaza Japan. Shop and save on Pokémon toys and accessories.

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