Pokemon Center Original Plush Doll Falinks

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Our Falinks plush toy resembles the Pokémon, which is not one, but six creatures. Falinks is made up of five troopers and one leader. Altogether, they look like a caterpillar, mainly thanks to their bright colors. The vivid yellows, reds, and blacks stand out on the plush toy, as well. Falinks is ready to attack — or to cuddle. Plaza Japan has the Pokémon Falinks plush toy waiting to follow you home!

The Six-in-One Pokémon

The Falinks plush is made up of six connected creatures, which you will see from the plush toy. Even though they are six individuals that live together, they are still considered one Pokémon. This six-in-one Pokémon is cute and cuddly until it’s time for battle! The leader, known as the brass, orders the remaining five troopers to attack, but they’re known to switch up their positions when they do battle against other Pokémon.

Total Teamwork

Although Falinks may not be the mightiest or strongest Pokémon, the creatures are all about teamwork and friendship. They live together, play together, and fight together, but each one is content on their own. The Pokémon Falinks plush toy will always want to hang out with you, though.

More Pokémon Friends

You’ll find a fantastic inventory of Pokémon plush toys and merchandise at Plaza Japan. We have fluffy plush toys, Pokémon keychains, socks, and tee shirts, as well as puzzles, stickers, and card games. Let’s face it, you and your Falinks plush toy need more Pokémon friends to play with!

Find Falinks plush toys at Plaza Japan. Play with your friends or add to your collection.

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