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This Ampharos plush doll is the final Pokemon evolution of Mareep and Flaaffy. His small, alert eyes and fluffy orange pom-poms add a unique flair to this Pokemon character. Finish this toy off with the striped tail, neck, and tail that are telltale characteristics of this species!

If you want an original Pokemon plush that lets you snuggle with your favorite character, shop Ampharos at Plaza Japan. All of our toys and figures are authentic products from Japanese manufacturers.

Ampharos Plush Details

The Ampharos is part of our massive collection of Pokemon toys. It’s one of our most exclusive character designs! Befriend and battle hundreds of Pokemon with Volt Switch or Zap Cannon during playtime with this plush as part of your lineup. Its specifications are:

  • Size: 6 x 3.5 x 2.5”
  • Weight: 1.8 oz
  • Materials: Polyester & Cotton

We recommend this toy for children around the age of four, but we encourage all Pokémaniacs to consider adding Ampharos to their collection. Care instructions dictate surface wash only for this toy.

Choose Plaza Japan

At Plaza Japan, we strive to bring authentic toys and figures to collectors around the world. Our original Pokemon plushies are incredibly popular! If the Ampharos plush is the one you’ve been looking for, buy it at Plaza Japan today and get fast shipping directly from Japan. Make sure you can catch ‘em all when you browse our entire selection for Pokemon trainers.

Wondering about our other Pokemon plushies? Have questions about ordering this toy? Give us a call at any time for additional assistance.

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