Pokemon Center Original Plush Doll Pokemon fit Charmeleon (Rizado)

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Pokemon has come up with a number of exciting new pokemon featuring brand new lore and abilities. However, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing some of the original Pokemon featured in the series. Many of these starter Pokemon bring the nostalgia of when we popped in our first Game Boy cartridge and began our Pokemon journey.

If you want a starter Pokemon that you can cherish in your own space, consider this Charmeleon toy!

Turn Back Time With the Pokemon Center Original Pokemon Fit Charmeleon Plush Doll

This adorable microbead-weighted Charmeleon toy is a Pokemon Fit exclusive (also known as Sitting Cuties) that can easily fit on whatever available flat surface you have dedicated to your Pokemon merch. Charmeleon is the second evolution of Charmander and strikes the perfect balance between the adorable Charmander that we love and the fierce Charizard that all trainers wish to carry with them.

With its classic flaming tail, sharp claws, and a ready-to-battle temperament, this Generation One Pokemon from the Kanto region is a must-have for anyone who’s been looking for a Japanese Charmeleon plush doll.

Make a Charmeleon Plush Doll From Plaza Japan a Part of Your Collection

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  • Size Dimensions: 12x11x9cm

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