Pokemon Center Original Plush Doll Alola Vulpix (Rokon)

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Alola Vulpix Plush Doll

Vulpix were a species of fire-type Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Red and Green. In 2016, the creators completely revamped this original Pokemon by turning it into a snow-white, ice-type in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Celebrate the unique nature of this Pokemon by getting an Alola Vulpix plush doll to add to your collection. Instead of breathing fire, these creatures can blow air as cold as -58 degrees fahrenheit, cold enough to freeze any enemy that stands in it’s way!

With new abilities came a new look. This stuffed animal is created using stark-white fur, all the way from it’s head down to it’s 6, wispy tails. The top of this Pokemon’s head has some light blue accents, while it’s ears are decorated with pops of dark blue. It’s eyes are adorable as a nice blend of purple and light blue.


  • 21 x 19 x 17.5 cm

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As one of the most unique Pokemon in any of the games, this plush belongs in any serious collector’s collection. Order this Alola Vulpix plush doll now to add it to all of your Pokemon collectibles.

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