Pokemon Card Game Sword & Shield S12a High Class Pack VSTAR Universe Box

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Expected release date is Dec 16, 2022


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December Update

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New set to be released in December the V Star Universe set is one of the TOP selling Christmas Pokemon TCG sets to get, the year end special sets released only in Japan are a collection of the best and most highly rated cards of the recent Pokemon Trading Card Game collection.

Not only is there a Guaranteed Rare in each pack and a Guaranteed Super Rare per box, two new card rarities called Art Rare(AR) and Special Art Rare(SAR) ar coming to this set meaning new full art shiny cards featuring your favorite Pokemon.


The V-star set has historically been the number 1 selling and most rewarding set to buy, definitive fun in every box, there is no way to be dissapointed, specially if you get a GOD pack that has ONLY rare cards!

The S12a High Class Pokemon VSTAR UNIVERSE is going to be a great set and a great present for any Pokemon TCG fan (including a present for yourself!) 

You can see the other true to name High Class TCG sets on Plaza Japan at this link 


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