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Kaiyodo Amazing Yamaguchi 003 Marvel Comic VENOM Action Figure

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MSRP: JPY8,580
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Kaiyodo Amazing Yamaguchi 003 Marvel Comic VENOM Action Figure

【We are Venom! (We are Venom!)】
· Popular villain in the whole world (villain) "Venom" appeared in Amazing Yamaguchi series!
- Look at the flesh of Venom's far-reaching beyond human standards! We reproduced the body form of the power system converted into a mass of muscle.
· I described the uplifting muscles of Venom and the vascular depiction which runs with the muscles on the muscles without cheating.
· To support the top heavy body, it is structured using a large joint, ball joint, and they make it move flexibly.
A wide range of motion to pull out as it is, there is no mistake you will be amazed when you have it in your hand.
By dividing the shoulder blades, you can move the arm forward a lot without buffing it on a thick chest board. Because the shoulder blades are connected with ball joints, they allow the motion to move in all directions.
· Large fingers from a thick arm are structured to move all the fingers. You can express the appearance of various Venom such as the figure which roars towards the heavens and the figure of the nemesis spider pointing.
- Washing paint is applied to the distinctive split mouth, expressing an abnormal atmosphere of Venom. The jaw can be opened and closed, the root of the tongue is provided with a joint, and you can express the tongue of the moving Venom.
- The optional face is structured to replace the whole head, and it is very easy to replace it. We distorted one eye greatly and prepared expressions that make the most of the prey.
· Parasitic symbiote Parts can unify each joint aperture and connect to every part. If you connect symbiote Part continuously,
You can reproduce the description with the arm stretched like a comic. It can be reproduced also in the form that the tip of the arm was transformed into symbiote.
It is also possible to shape into a figure in which symbiote flows out from the body by inserting into the four holes provided in the back.
By using Revoltech common joint advantage, we can describe Venom itself and symbiote in a wide range.

Height is approx. 175mm

Moving part: 47 parts
Number of joint use:
10mm Joint x 5,
8mm joint x 2,
8mm special joint x 2,
6mm joint × 9,
6mm double joint x 1,
4mm joint x 3
Accessory: Option head × 1,
Symbiote parts × 8,
Display stand × 1

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