Tomix 3262 Multi Viaduct S140 (Set of 2) (N scale)

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- Various viaducts can be reproduced in combination with multi-bridge viaduct S140 (for opposite home) and spacer set (sold separately)
- 140mm long viaduct for island home
- Supports double-line spacing of 55.5mm and 37mm
- Set of side wall and 18.5mm wide spacer
- It can be branched from a single wire that was not possible with Tomix's elevated to 37 mm double-line spacing
- Can be used in combination with point rails, such as installing double-wire crossovers
- We can reproduce terminal part of viaduct using attached wall for end

[Product contents]
Multi Viaduct S140
Multi-bypass spacer S140-18.5

Runner parts: Wall part A for end
Runner parts: End wall parts B
Runner parts: hole filling and rail fixing parts

* To play this product, various piers and elevated beams (sold separately) are required.
* In some cases, it may not be possible to connect the double-track truss bridge, double-track curved large truss bridge, double-track concrete bridge, and double-track girder bridge II in combination with the end wall.
* Vehicles, homes, rails, etc. are sold separately.

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Tomix 3262 Multi Viaduct S140 (Set of 2) (N scale)
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