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Tomix 7168 JR Electric Locomotive Type EH200 (New Painting) (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY12,100
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Expected release date is Apr 30, 2023


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Type EH200 is a two-car connected direct current electric locomotive that has been prototyped in 2001 and mass-produced since 2003.
It is nicknamed "ECO-POWER Blue Thunder" because of its blue-based body paint, and the logo is placed on the body.
It is mainly used on the Chuo Main Line, Shinonoi Line, Shinetsu Main Line, and Joetsu Line where the EF64 type was used.
From 2022, the operation will start on the Chuo West Line, and it can now be seen in the Chukyo area.
Vehicles that have been inspected in recent years are active with new paint without the JRF mark on the side of the body.

- Reproduce the newly painted EH200
- Reproduce the appearance with the GPS antenna removed with new production
- The headlight is equipped with a constantly lit board and has an ON-OFF switch.
- Headlights are lit by light bulb color LED
- Release lever is already equipped with separate parts
- Front handrail (vertical) comes with separate parts
- JR FREIGHT mark and [BlueThunder] logo printed
-  License plate comes with separate parts [EH200-2/3/5/10]
- All-axis power collection and all-axis drive system adopted
- Two-car connection adopts a telescopic electrifying coupler
- H rubber is reproduced in black
- Signal flame tube, whistle, and radio antenna are included as separate parts.
- Dummy coupler, self-contained TN coupler included
- Adoption of power with flywheel
-Gray bogie frame, silver wheels
- M-13 motor adoption

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