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Tomix 9448 JR Diesel Train Type KIHA 40-1700 (Typhon Removed Car) (T) (N scale)

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MSRP: JPY5,060
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KIHA 40 series vehicle for extremely cold regions KIHA 40-700, which is a one-man modified vehicle of Kiha 40-100, is a vehicle with life extension measures, and along with repairing each part, the engine, transmission, and roof water tank are relocated inside the car. We have added 1000 to the original car number.
KIHA 40, which belongs to Asahikawa Rail Yard and Kushiro Transport Vehicle Station, is active with the front tie phone removed and a whistle on the upper part of the cab.
- High grade (HG) specifications
- Reproduce the appearance with the front tie phone removed
- The whistle at the top of the driver's cab comes with separate parts
- Reproduce the updated engine
- Reproduced in black under the floor
- Reproduce the appearance that the side louver is buried
- The removed roof water tank part is reproduced with closing plate parts
- The front display is replaceable and pre-printed "one-man" is installed.
- "Rapid one-man" "normal" printed front display parts included
- Vehicle number and gangway door reference difference are selectable and a transfer sheet is attached.
- Head / tail light, front display is equipped with a constantly lit board, with ON-OFF switch
- White LED is used, and the headlight is a color prism that lights in a color close to the color of a light bulb.
- New current collection system, black wheels adopted
- TN coupler (SP) standard equipment
- Compatible with Interior Lighting Kit Tomix 0733

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