Tomix 90182 Series N700 (N700s) Shinkansen Nozomi (4 Cars Set) Starter Set (Rail Pattern A) (N scale)

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A total set that includes the Tokaido Shinkansen N700S (Nozomi), power unit PU-N600, and rails, making it an ideal set for getting started with model railroads that you can enjoy right away.
It is a compact package that also takes storage into consideration.

- Set of 4 cars of the latest N700 series (N700S) of the Tokaido Shinkansen
- This product (cars 1, 5, 14, 16) and <98425> add-on set A, <98426> add-on set B can reproduce 16-car full formation
- Car number, JR mark, car number (car body, on the roof), non-smoking mark, on-roof warning display have been printed
- Color sheet adopted
- Equipped with constant lighting of head and tail lights
- Headlights are lit by white LEDs
- Movable hood equipment
- Uses hook and U-shaped energizing coupler
- Powered with flywheel
- New current collection system, silver wheels adopted
- M-13 motor adopted

[Control equipment]
- Power unit PU-N600 (gray specification)

- Uses rails that reproduce PC sleepers with easy-to-use fine tracks
- Easy and reliable connection
- The most basic rail layout is rail pattern A (oval type)
- With relay rail

Important note to European / Australian customers
The power controller supplied with this set only works at 100 volts.
European and Australian customers will need a voltage transformer which converts 240 volts to 100 volts to use this controller.
A voltage converter can be purchased at your local electric store.

US and Canadian customers would be able to plug directly to your outlet.

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